Serving the City of Winston and Surrounding Area
Sponsored by Winston-Dillard Fire District
How much does FireMed cost?

As a FireMed member, you and your entire household receive emergency ambulance service without having to pay any out-of-pocket expenses for only $75.00 per year.

Who is eligible for FireMed?

All permanent residents of a single-occupancy, non-commercial household are covered under one membership.

What are the membership services?

As a FireMed member, you and your household receive the following:

  1. Emergency treatment and transportation
  2. Paramedic rescue, and
  3. Travel coverage within our coverage area

I have insurance, do I need FireMed?

When a FireMed member uses the ambulance service, we will bill any insurance coverage providing medical benefits that they may have. The member will not receive a bill for any unrelated balances.

When can I enroll in FireMed?

In order to keep administrative costs down so that we can maximize the amount of funds to improve and upgrade emergency services, we sponsor an open enrollment period once a year during May – July. Although, you can join any time during the year, all FireMed memberships expire June 30.

What is the local coverage area?

Most residents in the City of Winston, Camas Valley, Tenmile are eligible for FIREMED membership. Please call (541) 679-8721 for more information.

Am I covered when I am traveling out of town?

In cooperation with other agencies, FireMed membership is honored in most of Oregon. Click here for a map of coverage areas.

How do I become a member?

You can become a FireMed member by filling out the online form or you can request a an application via mail by calling (541) 679-8721.

When does my membership become active? 

Your FireMed membership becomes effective 3 business days after being received at our office.

I have a question not listed here.

If you have other questions regarding FireMed, visit our office at 250 Southeast Main Street, Winston or call us at (541) 679-8721.