Terms of Agreement


The FireMed Ambulance Membership Program is a voluntary service available to the residents of Winston, Camas Valley and Tenmile. The FireMed Program is a program of Winston Dillard Fire District. FireMed members receive emergency ambulance care and transportation within the service areas covered by Winston Dillard Fire District.


FireMed is not an insurance program, but will provide ambulance service and will bill whatever insurance or medical benefits

are available to the member.


FireMed is in excess of any medical benefits members may have and is entitled to all medical benefits. Should a member receive

payment from insurance, third party recovery, or other medical benefits, the member agrees to immediately forward such payment

to the ambulance service provider. Members agree to cooperate to bill and collect from insurance, third party, or to other

medical benefits for services rendered, including the execution of documents or claim forms.


Membership coverage begins three business days after acceptance of a completed application form and payment and MEMBERSHIP



FireMed membership is non-transferable and non-refundable. Violations of the terms of agreement may result in immediate

cancellation of membership and the individual will be held responsible for the full amount of ambulance charges.




Non-emergency transfers are not included in this membership. Out of area transfers, wheelchair or air ambulance services are

not included.




The term "emergency" means a service provided after the sudden onset of a medical condition manifesting itself by acute

symptoms of such severity (including severe pain) that the absence of immediate medical attention could reasonably be

expected to result in placing the patient's health in jeopardy, serious impairment to bodily functions, or serious dysfunction

of any bodily organ or part.




FireMed membership includes all individuals listed on the membership application form who are living as permanent residents of

the same single-occupancy, non-commercial residence within Winston Dillard Fire District's service area. Anyone joining a household can be included after this agreement goes into effect by calling the Winston Dillard Fire District's Business Office. FireMed membership benefits begin three (3) working days after the office is notified of additional members at the permanent address. FireMed membership benefits are extended up to one year for household members living in substitute care facilities (e.g. nursing homes). Only those persons who meet the FireMed membership eligibility requirements and are listed on the membership application at the time services are

rendered are eligible for benefits. Others not included in this definition are required to obtain their own separate FireMed





Medical necessity for this service is established when a patient's condition is such that use of any other means of

transportation, other than ambulance, would further endanger the patient's health or condition.




Through reciprocal agreements with other agencies, FireMed members may be eligible for benefits when traveling in other areas

of Oregon. Those benefits are limited to the terms of agreement in effect by the participating agency at the time benefits are

used. For information on other participating agencies, call the Winston Dillard Fire District Business Office at (541) 679-8721.